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Physical Activity (Sport) - Policy and strategy documents

A Physical Activity & Sport Strategy for Sutton 2006-2009.

This Strategy has been jointly produced by the London Borough of Sutton and the Sutton and Merton Primary Care Trust (PCT). It aims to set a strategic framework for physical activity and sport across Sutton by identifying and promoting the range of benefits that physical activity and sport can bring to everyday life and by encouraging the development of activities, programmes and partnerships that will help to realise the full potential of physical activity and sport within the community.

Below, you can view or download the Physical Activity & Sport Strategy

Other strategies

pdf icon Appendix A [54kb] (PDF - 54 KB)

pdf icon Appendix B i [82kb] (PDF - 83 KB)

pdf icon Appendix B ii [89kb] (PDF - 89 KB)

pdf icon Appendix B iii [65kb] (PDF - 66 KB)

pdf icon Appendix C [85kb] (PDF - 85 KB)

pdf icon Appendix E [89kb] (PDF - 89 KB)

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