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Historical Searches

The register office keeps records of the births, marriages, civil ceremonies, deaths and stillbirths registered in the borough of Sutton from 1837 to the present day.

Searching the indexes

For an £18 fee, our staff will give the customer access to the indexes for up to 6 hours (or two people, 3 hours). We do not give access to the registers themselves.

The index for a particular year shows only the name(s) and the date of marriages, civil ceremonies, births, deaths or stillbirths. For more detailed information, the customer should ask a member of staff to search the registers themselves.

Historical Searches are by appointment only.

Click here to book an appointment to visit the Register Office You can do this by booking a Register Office Visit - giving us a preferred date you would like to visit, your contact details and giving a time when a member of staff can call you back to arrange.