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Setting up and managing Council Tax or Business Rates online

Going online to manage your or your tenant's account is easy and secure, with 24 hour access to bills and to make payments.

'My Account' and e Billing

If you receive benefits, pay council tax or business rates, or are a landlord receiving benefits on behalf of you tenant(s), you can access your account anytime and depending on the service you receive, you can benefit from:

  • A full statement of your account.
  • A list of payments already made and any instalments which still need to be paid (since 1st April 2004)
  • Any discounts or exemptions you receive.
  • View, download and print statements of account for all periods, council tax or business rates bills (since 1st April 2011), payments schedules (for landlords) or notification letters.
  • Choose to receive notifications of bills by email rather than paper bills sent through the post.
  • Make payments to us via our secure payment system anytime.
  • Depending on your mobile device, you can now also access your account details on the go.

Your personal information and account details are held securely so, to set up an online account, you will need to register at My Account.

Set up your 'My Account' online billing and account management here to and benefit
from easy access to your council tax, business rates, benefits or landlord details
(please note: this is does not set up your council tax. You need to register for council tax using our online self-serve process).

 To register your details to set up a 'My Account' online billing and management account, click this button This link opens in a new browser window  

1. provide your personal email address and choose a password

2. receive an email providing you with your PIN number

3. log in and give your council tax or business rates account number, benefit claim reference or landlord reference (on top of your current bill or notification letter)

Registering for council tax, updating your details online or setting up a direct debit using Self Serve

Whether you are an owner, tenant, landlord or letting agent, by using our online 'Self Serve' tool you can register for council tax or tell us if there are changes in your circumstances at anytime, day or night, ensuring we get your updated information without you needing to queue on the phone or stand in line to tell us. Once your details are updated, a new bill will be sent to you within 14 days.

To tell council tax about a change in your circumstances, please click here to use 'Self serve' use this service to notify us of the following:

  • moving into, out of or within the London Borough of Sutton (only use this service if your whole household is moving).
  • you are the sole occupier of a property and wish to claim a sole occupancy discount.
  • notify us if the name(s) detailed on your council tax bill are incomplete, incorrect or misspelt.
  • tell us about a change of name.
  • to set up direct debit payments with us
  • to change your direct debit bank details with us, please set up a new direct debit by giving us your new bank details

To claim student disregard discounts, exemptions or disability banding reductions, please visit our Reductions, Discounts, Premiums & Exemptions from Council Tax page.

Please note, once you have submitted your application using this service, you may receive a message saying your application has failed. However, this is a technical fault and we are working with our providers to correct this as soon as possible. The data you submit will still have been collected and will be used to update your account and revised council tax bills will be issued.