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Income management Team

Details of the team which is responsible for collecting debts for the Council.

The Income Management Team is responsible for the prevention and recovery of all sundry debts and Housing Benefit overpayments owing to the Council in order to maximise resources to provide services to our customers. Our central team is unified by our Corporate Debt Recovery Policy.                                       

What can happen if you don't pay an invoice?

* We may visit you.
* We will instruct legal services where appropriate.
* We will refer the debt to Debt Collecting Agencies/Bailiffs where appropriate.

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and you are unable to make a payment, you should contact the Income Management Team immediately. You can can also get more help and debt advice by clicking here.

Income management - how to pay

How can I pay my bill?

Income management - copy invoices

How to get a copy of your invoice.

Sundry debts

Sundry debts cover a wide range of services provided by London Borough of Sutton to the Public.

Disputed invoices

If you think an invoice is incorrect or you are not sure why it has been sent to you, please contact us immediately. You may need to put your dispute in writing.

Housing Benefit - Overpayments & Appeals

If you have been overpaid Housing Benefit there are strict time limits for repayment to avoid further action and if you wish to dispute your overpayment. Please read these notes carefully for more information.

How to Contact Us.

You can contact the Income Management Team for advice on settling outstanding payments or for information on general financial advice.