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Income management - how to pay

How can I pay my bill?

Normally, all invoices must be paid by the due date. In some circumstances, you may be able to spread the cost of each invoice over an agreed period by paying equal instalments from the date of the bill. Please contact us to discuss an instalment arrangement.

If you are having Financial Difficulties then please click here to find more help and advice.

Direct Debit

This is a simple, safe and speedy way for you to pay regular bills and subscriptions automatically from your bank account. The Direct Debit guarantee scheme also offers you additional security. We can do this for you over the phone so please telephone us.

Online Payments

Pay online via our website - click on pay it at the top of this page. If you are paying a Housing Benefit Overpayment then please select that option. If you are paying a Sundry Debt with an invoice that starts with 31 then once on Pay it please select more, make an online payment and then click on general debts.

Contact the Income Management Team on:

Housing Benefit - Overpayments: 020 8770 5421

Sundry Debts: 020 8770 5422

Other payment methods:

  • By Credit/ Debit card over the phone (contact the Income Management Team from 8.40am to 5.00pm). 
  • 24 hour automated phone line (touchtone). Please call 020 8770 7887 and select the "other payments" option.
  • Pay at your own bank or any branch of Barclays Bank. Please do not send cheques directly to us.
  • Pay at a Post Office.
  • In person using the self service kiosk at the Council (cash or credit/debit cards only).
  • Payzone. Here you can find where your nearest Payzone is. Phone the Income Management team if you need a Payment card.