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Sutton's Commitment to Environmental Management (EMAS)

Here is a guide to ensure you are complying with Sutton's Environmental Management (EMAS) commitments. For further advice please contact the EMAS Team on 0208 770 6227.


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.....action today for a better tomorrow

To help us comply with our Environmental Policy and achieve our goals we use an environmental management system called EMAS (Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). This European standard requires all the Council's Services to follow an environmental action plan to reduce their environmental impact.

Independent EMAS auditors visit the Council every six months to ensure that we are upholding our high standards of environmental management.

Sutton's Progress against Environmental Targets: Below, you can see our current EMAS performance, news, policies & plans.


Environmental Statements

As part of the council's Environmental Management System (EMAS), we are required to produce an annual report detailing our progress against our key environmental targets. These reports, from the last few years, show how we are progressing...

Sutton's Environmental Policy

Information on the Council's environmental policies