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Details of the Children and Young People's Plan 2014/17

The aim of the Children and Young People's Plan is to improve outcomes for children and young people in Sutton, particularly those who are vulnerable, in the most cost effective way.

The Children & Young People's Plan 2014-17 outlines the strategic goals to achieve improved outcomes for children and young people in Sutton over the next 3 years.

The Children's Trust Board vision for all Children is:

"Children and Young People in Sutton live with resilient families, are happy, safe and healthy and grow up with the skills, knowledge and attributes to be confident and independent; ready for adult life."

Following a review of the needs of Sutton's children and young people; this refreshed Children and Young People's Plan for 2014-2017, will focus on four strategic priorities. These are to:

1: Ensure Safeguarding

2: Promote the Early Years and Early Development

3: Champion Healthy Lives, Healthy Minds

4: Enable Success, Encourage Ambition

Our overriding concern is to target our services as accurately and as early as we can to prevent an escalation of problems. Providing support when issues and problems have become entrenched is more costly and difficult to deal with later on.

Financially we know things are tough but through careful planning, consultation and efficient, effective and coordinated action we will continue to support our children, young people and their families to lead safe, healthy and fulfilled lives.

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