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Waste Disposal

Sutton Council operates a commercial waste and recycling service.

From July 2008 recycling will initially be offered to customers in the Sutton post code areas of SM1, SM2 and SM3. If you would like to recycle your organisation's paper and cardboard please contact us.

Commercial Waste and Recycling Services

Using the new service will make you compliant with the law and reduce your charges for waste disposal, as recycling costs will be cheaper. You may also find that you can reduce the size of your waste bin as all your paper and cardboard will be diverted to the recycling collection.

New Landfill Regulations covering commercial waste were passed on 31 October 2007. These Regulations make it the responsibility of the producer, i.e the commercial operator, retailer etc. to ensure that waste produced by their business is pre-treated before disposal. Pre-treatment includes separating your paper and cardboard for recycling. By subscribing to the service you will fulfil your obligations under the law. 

If you would like more details on costs and types of bin etc, please contact our Call Centre on 020 8770 5070, or use the Waste Management - General Enquiry Form.

Waste Management Contact Information

Phone no: 020 8770 5070
24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 2JG