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Questions about adoption

Some frequently asked questions about adoption.

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Is there a fee payable for adoption?
We do not charge people a fee for adopting children from the UK and it is illegal for any money to pass from the adopters to the child's birth parents. We do charge a fee for the assessment of people wanting to adopt children from overseas.

Do children have contact with their birth families after adoption?
We generally encourage some form of contact as we have found that this helps children to settle with their adopters.

How much are adoptive parents told about the child's background?
You will be given as much information as possible about the origins, health, background and experiences of the child and their birth parents.

Should children be told they are adopted?
Yes. Most children will be of an age where they already know they are adopted. If not they will always appreciate it that they heard it from you first.

What training/preparation is there for adopters?
Every applicant must attend the preparation groups, which takes place over several sessions. This enables applicants to look at issues in adoption with other potential adopters, and talk about anything which may be concerning them.

What support is there once you are approved?
Once you are approved you are allocated a social worker, who will support you through the matching process and continue once a child has been placed.  You will also be invited to adoption support evenings with other adopters.

What other adoption support is there?
All children placed for adoption have their needs assessed for adoption support.  Sutton has an adoption support social worker that you can contact even after the adoption. We offer a range of adoption support including:

  • Support groups
  • Training
  • Financial support
  • Liaison with other agencies

If you are interested in adoption please complete this online form and a social worker will be in touch with you to discuss your situation further. Alternatively if you still have questions then please call us on 020 8770 4117