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Sutton in Partnership

The Sutton in Partnership brings together many local groups and businesses to help make Sutton safer, fairer and greener and improve our overall quality of life

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The Sutton in Partnership Board is a partnership of key public and voluntary service organisations in the Borough. The Board ensures wide scale involvement of all partners and have overall responsibility for the delivery of the partnership priorities and delivery of key targets in the partnership Performance Framework. 

The Sutton in Partnership Board meets twice a year as a network, and:

  • Provides strategic leadership to build a common purpose and shared commitment to improve the economic, environmental and social well-being of the Borough.
  • Ensures the views and priorities of the community are addressed by effective communication of their views through the themed partnerships and their constituent forums and organisations.
  • Agrees, promotes and monitors the performance priorities and framework for the partnership and for Sutton.
  • Works together to win new resources for the Borough and the better targeting of resources.
  • Brings together local plans, partnerships and initiatives to ensure service providers and the community work efficiently and effectively together to meet local needs and priorities.

Every six months we bring our partners together at a Sutton in Partnership Event to discuss a key priority and at the bottom of this page you can see details from our most recent events.

Partnership Operational Group

There are four meetings of the Partnership Operational Group each year and the membership is:

  • Leader of the Council (Chair of the Operational Group)
  • Chief Executive of the Council
  • Borough Commander
  • Chief Executive of Sutton CVS
  • Executive Head of Policy and Customer Services
  • Health

These four meetings help to inform the content of the Sutton Partnership Boards and drive forward partnership business.

Partnership Performance Framework

The Sutton Partnership Board has a partnership performance framework to identify and monitor the progress of key partnership priorities, which is monitored at each Partnership Operational Group.  The performance framework:

  • Provides a practical focus and oversight of performance and partnership activities.
  • Maximises opportunities to improve partnership performance and to enable remedial action to be taken by partners in a timely way to address areas of under-performance.
  • Demonstrate collective responsibility for achieving the strategic vision as set out inand for undertaking actions arising from the bi-annual Partnership Stakeholder Forum.
  • Oversee and provide strategic leadership and direction for the distribution of resources within the Borough.
  • Ensure progress towards these activities is regularly reported to the Sutton in Partnership EventFor more information on the Sutton Partnership please  contact

Sutton in Partnership Stakeholder Event

Public Health is Everyone's Business 23rd July 2013

Sutton in Partnership Stakeholder Event, 15th January 2014

Summary of the event, discussions and next steps