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Sutton's Online Panel

In June 2011 the Council undertook the first of two resident tracker surveys.  These surveys involve telephone interviews with 500 residents to identify what people in Sutton think about the council and its services, current economic conditions and hot topics occurring in the borough.  One of the questions we asked residents was if they wanted to be part of an online panel which will provide short and regular feedback using online software, to help the council understand more about what its residents think on key topics.  Sutton's online panel is now being set up and you can navigate to the Sutton's Online Panel to find out how to join, what topics we have and will discuss, and what feedback people have given.

The Council's Formal Committee Structure

The full Council, made up of all councillors, appoints the Adult Social Services and Health Committee, Children, Family and Education Committee, Environment and Neighbourhood Committee, Housing, Economy and Business Committee, Strategy and Resources Committee, Scrutiny Committee, Audit Committee, Development Control Committee, Licensing Committee, Standards Committee and six Local Committees. Councillors from all parties sit on these committees. The Leader of the Council chairs Strategy and Resources Committee.

The Scrutiny Committee provides overall leadership of the scrutiny function. It reviews the decisions of relevant partner authorities on health service provision, on crime and disorder and on flood risk management.

The Audit Committee carries out the audit committee function based on guidance received from the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy.

The Licensing Committee is responsible for carrying out functions required under the Licensing Act 2003, the Gambling Act 2005 and other licensing and registration functions required by other legislation.

The six Local Committees are made up of all ward councillors for the area concerned. They have powers over local services in those areas.  

The Development Control Committee makes decisions on planning applications. Sutton residents may request the right to speak about any planning matter that is on the agenda for consideration at that meeting. They should notify the Principal Committee Manager in writing, by email or by telephone, by midday on the day of the meeting of the item to which they wish to speak, or before 7:15 pm at the meeting venue. Agendas are available for review at least a week before each Committee meeting. These include officer reports. Minutes giving details of planning decisions are made available within one week of each meeting.

The Standards Committee deals with councillors' conduct.

How can I become involved?

Attend a council meeting, a meeting of your Local Committee, one of the five main committees, the Scrutiny Committee, Audit Committee, or Development Control Committee Ask a question, present a petition, or lead a deputation to the Council or a committee meeting (ring or email Committee Services Section on 020 8770 4990 for details).

Contact your local Councillors direct or attend one of their regular surgeries (ring or email Committee Services on 020 8770 4990 for details or look in your local library).

Join a local voluntary group (contact Sutton Centre for Voluntary Sector on 020 8770 4861 for further information).

If the future of your environment and community concerns you then you can join one of your Local Agenda 21 groups (contact the Centre for Environmental Initiatives - 020 8770 6611).

Have Your Say

Can anyone come to the meetings?
Meetings are open to the public. Members of the public will be excluded from certain discussions if they are about individuals, commercial issues and other confidential matters.

How do I know when the committees will meet?
The Council regularly publishes posters telling residents where and when its meetings are. A calendar of meetings can also be seen here. You can also contact the Committee Services Manager on 020 8770 4990. Details are also in your local library and Council offices and on Council notice boards.

How do I present petitions and deputations?
If the petition is about a Council service and contains 50 or more signatures from Sutton residents on the electoral roll, a representative of the petitioners will be allowed to address the meeting. Petitions must be with the Chief Executive at least 14 days before the relevant meeting.  Further information and advice on how to submit petitions is available. 

Deputations about a matter concerning a Council service already on a meeting's agenda must be from a group of at least 10 Sutton residents. Requests must be made in writing to the Chief Executive no later than 10:00am on the day of the meeting, or on the previous day if the committee meets in the morning. The Mayor or the Chair of the meeting will decide whether a representative of a deputation can address the meeting. Petitions and deputations can be considered by full Council, the five committees responsible for Council services, the Scrutiny Committee and Local Committees. There are different arrangements for the Development Control Committee and the Licensing Committee. Contact Committee Services on 020 8770 4990 for advice. 

How do I ask questions at Council and Local Committee meetings?
Sutton residents can ask questions at all ordinary meetings of the full Council and at Local Committee meetings.

Council Meetings

Questions for Council Meetings must be received by the Chief Executive by 10.00 (10 am) on the Tuesday before the meeting. They cannot be submitted more than three weeks before a Council meeting. Thirty minutes are allowed for questions from Sutton residents at the start of the Council meeting.  Questions may only be asked by a Sutton resident or a person who owns or manages a business in Sutton.  Up to two questions may be asked by each person.

Contact Committee Services on 020 8770 4990 for more information.

Local Committees

Residents can ask questions or raise issues at Local Committee meetings, with the agreement of the Chair. 

Contact the Policy and Customer Services Division on 020 8770 5433 for more information.

Other Committees

At meetings of any committee the committee has absolute discretion to invite comments from members of the public on specific items while they are being discussed.

How do I complain about services?
You can complain about services by letter, phone, fax, e-mail or in person. There is an explanatory leaflet available at local libraries and Council receptions called "How to give your feedback about a Council service".

How do I find out more about what the Council does?
Information can be found in the Sutton Plan. We have also written Action Plans on how we meet our goals.  Details are available from the Communications section on 020 8770 5130.

If you are not sure where or when the Council will take a decision on a matter that interests you, contact Committee Services Manager on 020 8770 4990.

Note: Councillors can ask for a decision of a service committee or a local committee to be reconsidered by a service committee in the case of a local committee or by the full council in the case of a service committee.

Sutton Council Structure

Written & Online e-Petitions

The council welcomes petitions and recognises that they are one way in which people can let Councillors know of their concerns. All petitions sent or presented to the council will receive an acknowledgement within ten working days of receipt.

Sutton's Online Residents Panel

Find out everything you need to know about Sutton's Online Residents Panel, including how it works, what it does and how you can join.