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Protecting your mobile phone

Teenagers are more likely to have their mobile phone stolen than any other age group, find out how to avoid it.

Keep your phone out of sight 

Most thieves are opportunists and will steal something if it seems easy, if they can't see your phone they are less likely to think of stealing it. When you're not using it keep your phone in a secure, hidden place such as in a pocket or bag. Don't leave your phone lying around on top of your bag or on tables as anyone walking by can easily run off with it.

When you have to take your phone out be aware of what is going on around you and use your common sense. Try and find a place that's well lit if its at night time. Avoid chatting at stations or bus stops as these are areas thieves often target. If you feel uneasy about using your phone wait until you are somewhere you feel more secure.

Securing your handset

When you first get your phone make a note of the make and model, as well as your handset's identification number (IMEI number). This can be found behind the battery, or by dialling '*#06#' on your handset. If your phone does get stolen you can give these details to the police and your service provider so that if they find your phone they can return it to you. To register your handset with the National Mobile Phone Register follow the link below:

Most phones have in-build security measures such as pin numbers to make them more secure. To set them up look in your mobile handbook, go to a mobile phone shop or call your service provider.

If your phone is stolen

If your phone is lost or stolen, report it immediately to the police.

You should also contact your network provider. When you get through, tell them your phone has been stolen and they'll be able to block both the handset and the SIM card so that they can't be used any more.