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Protecting yourself at night

Getting home alone can be risky, especially after dark. Find out what you can do to make yourself safer

General advice

Be aware of what is going on around you. Don't listen to music through headphones as you won't be able to hear what's going and it shows that you are carrying valuables. If its late try not to fall asleep on public transport as you will be much more vulnerable. It may help to keep you awake if you buy an energy drink or something to eat at the start of your journey.

Let people at home know when you start your journey, where you are and roughly what time you will arrive at home. If you are travelling alone and have friends travelling in other directions you may want to contact them during your journey and let them know how you're getting on. Even if you just send a text it will let people know where you were and at what time, making you easier to find if you do need help. 

You may feel safer carrying a personal alarm in your bag. If you do get in to trouble you can set the alarm off which will create a loud noise, surprising your any attackers and alerting passers by. You can buy a personal alarm from many high street shops

Walking home

Generally its safer to get public transport home at night but if you have to walk here are some things you can do to make yourself safer:

  • If you walk in a group or even with one other person you are less likely to be mugged or attacked.
  • Stay on roads that are well lit and busy even if it makes your journey longer, so that you can see people approaching you.
  • Take a route that you know has shops or people you know living nearby. If you feel threatened at any point you can contact the nearest person you know or go in to a shop and ask the person working there for help.

Travelling on a bus

If you feel uncomfortable waiting for the bus alone, try and use main stops that are busier. When on the bus sit in the aisle or stand so you can easily move if you want to. Try and sit downstairs so that if you need help you can ask the driver.

Travelling on a train

When waiting for the train try and stand in a well lit area where you can see others approaching you. You may also like to stand near others on the platform or the platform attendant. When getting on the train try and sit in a carriage that has other people in it and if you feel uncomfortable during the journey change carriages when the train stops. Every train carriage has an emergency alarm for you to use if you get in trouble.