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Hackbridge Masterplan

Sutton Council is working with the community to turn Hackbridge into the UK's first truly sustainable suburb. We have an ambitious vision to make Sutton the greenest place to live, with the flagship Hackbridge project intended as a leading example for the rest of the Borough and the UK to follow.

Hackbridge Masterplan

What you said:

In a major step forward in January 2009, the council with public consultation unveiled its draft masterplan for the Hackbridge area. The detailed plans included proposals for new eco-friendly homes, more shops, leisure and community facilities, jobs, sustainable transport, pedestrian/cycle initiatives as well as improved networks and open spaces.

The public consultation process generated a wide range of interest within the local community. From this consultation, It was clear that their key priorities were the environment, the desire for energy efficient homes and the need for more jobs in their local area.

Responses from the consultation indicated that:

- 90% supported plans to make Hackbridge UK's greenest suburb

- 92% backed plans for a district centre near the train station

- 91% were in favour of the development of Felnex Trading Estate and Hackbridge Station

- 92% backed plans for more green space in Hackbridge

From this, the council is also aiming to implement retrofit initiatives for existing homes, which will include the highest standards of sustainable design and construction for new development in the area. This will have the effect of connecting to local renewable heat and energy sources, and will impact significantly on reducing carbon emissions.

Below are the full results of the consultation:

pdf icon Public Consultation on the draft Hackbridge Masterplan- Summary Report (May 2009) [121kb]
pdf icon Community Workshop on the draft Hackbridge Masterplan- Summary Report (March 2009) [170kb] 

Following the consultation, a public examination was held into the viability of the council's proposals.

Where are we now?

In conjunction with the One Planet Living principles, Sutton Council has undertaken a number of projects in the Hackbridge area which include;

- Heart of Hackbridge Programme Project (Outer London Fund)
- Felnex Development Site
- Corbet Close
- Wandle Valley Trading Estate
- Kelvin House
- Heat Network
- Station Improvements
- Railway Bridges
- Wandle Valley Country Park
- Green Growth Economy
- Local Food Issues

2009 Review Of The Public Consultation

Post examination of the consultation carried out for the Hackbridge Masterplan

Hackbridge Station Improvements

As of September 2012, work has commenced on improving your local railway station.