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Community Representatives

This page provides a range of information to support the Community Representatives

What are Community Representatives?

Community Representatives are representatives of any formally constituted locally based group - such as Residents Associations and Park Friends groups - who are nominated to sit on their local committees Local Committees

Community Representatives are not able to vote on committee decisions but have a formally agreed place on the local committee and their nomination must be approved at a Full Council meeting. Council Meetings

They work with the Chair, local councillors and officers to make sure the views of local people are being heard and regularly attend meetings, help to suggest items to be discussed and identify opportunities and projects for public investment. 

The Community Representatives' Event 2013 - "Rewarding our Reps"

Sutton Council is extremely appreciative of the work the Community Representatives undertake.  An event to celebrate the input and achievement of the Community Representatives - Rewarding our Reps - was held in October 2013. The evening saw speeches from the Leader of the Council, Councillor Ruth Dombey, and Chairs of the Local Committees and from Community Reps themselves, who spoke about the challenges and successes of undertaking their role.

The event saw the launch of a Community Representatives Network, which aims to encourage peer to peer support and discussion between representatives of all Local Committees. 

Could you be a Community Representative?

If you are a member of friends of parks group, tenants or residents association, and want to get involved in affecting decisions made in your local area on behalf of the residents your group represents, you can become a Community Representative. 

Please contact us at or 020 8770 6003/4391 if you have any further questions.