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Environmental Health Services

Services available through the Environmental Health Team include:

  • Noise nuisance (for example construction, aircraft, fireworks and animal noise)
  • Water quality, clinical waste, infectious disease and asbestos
  • Pest control, dogs, keeping chickens and overgrown gardens
  • Smoke nuisances, fly tipping and litter
  • Private sector housing including drainage and empty properties
  • Contaminated land and air pollution

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Noise nuisance

Including construction site noise, intruder alarms, car alarms, noise from licensed premises, transport noise and fireworks.


Including bonfires, odours, high hedges, insects, artificial light, fly tipping and litter.

Private Sector Housing

Including disrepair, drainage problems, empty properties, home improvements, home energy conservation and grants for disabled facilities.

Pollution Issues

Including air pollution, local air quality management, control of industrial processes, smoke control and contaminated land.


Including water quality, clinical waste, pest control, foxes, animal warden services, Japanese knotweed & keeping chickens.