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Pest control

The Council provides a free treatment service for Rats and Bedbugs in all domestic properties within the Borough.

Pest Control

For advice, information or to book an appointment, please telephone 020 8770 5000 and speak to one of our Customer Services staff.

This pest service is provided on behalf of the Council by Monitor Pest Control, who will contact you within 24 hours of your initial enquiry to arrange a visit.

Monitor Pest Control is able to offer other treatment services to domestic and commercial customers. Monitor Pest Control will make a charge for these services. The charge will include VAT and the cost will vary according to the type of pest and the proposed treatment. The price will be confirmed when the appointment is made (unless a survey is required)


Ants - per treatment £52.80.

Bedbugs - initial identification visit, plus one treatment - free in residential premises only.

Bees - please refer to Surrey Beekeepers website

Cockroaches - per treatment £79.20.

Fleas - per treatment £79.20.

 - Prices for fox trapping are from £66 per week plus disposal costs of £72.

Mice - call out, plus up to 3 follow up visits as required £79.20.

Moles - setting up traps £79.20 and disposal £12.

Pigeons - prices to be agreed after survey.

Rabbits - setting up traps £66 per week, disposal £60 each.

Rats - call out, plus up to 3 follow up visits - free in residential premises only.  
Drain baiting - per treatment £33 per manhole (minimum of 2 per visit).

Squirrels - (poisoning per treatment) £118.80.

Wasp nest - per treatment for one nest £79.20.

For further advice or information on  the above services, please telephone 020 8770 5000.


Wasps are probably the most familiar and generally disliked of all British insects.


Two types of mice are found in Britain which can become pests if not dealt with.


Adult Fleas are about 2-7mm long and brownish in colour. Their bodies are compressed which allows them to move efficiently through hairs, and their relatively large hind limbs allow them to have excellent jumping qualities.


Cockroaches are large insects which range in size from 10 - 23 mm in length, they have long whip like antennae and two pairs of wings.


The grey squirrel is a common sight in local parks and gardens and because of its prolific breeding has to some extent led to the demise of the native red squirrel.


The feral (meaning "wild") pigeon is about 33 cm in length and weighs between 280 and 560g - average about 350g.


Information and advice about urban foxes.