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Allotments can provide you & your family with fresh home-grown vegetables & flowers at a fraction of the price bought in the shops & free from additives.

Allotment Gardening In Sutton There is also a social side of allotmenteering, meeting new friends with similar interests and enabling you to enjoy a healthy outdoor life with gentle exercise and a place to relax and unwind. 

Getting a plot

There are over 2,300 plots to be found on 36 allotment sites in Sutton.  The sites vary in size from Clensham Lane, Pylbrook Triangle, Priory Crescent and The Warren which have just 25 plots between them to Demesne Road, Gander Green Lane, Stanley Road and Westmead Road with over 200 plots each.Most sites are full at present. You can join the waiting list for any site.

Please contact Jackie Eldridge on 020 8770 5070, or email

Find an allotment plot in Sutton.

A plot for all needs

Allotment Gardening In Sutton 2 Full/half plots - for the enthusiastic grower we have a large number of full size plots which are 10 rods in size (250m2) allowing or the production of enough vegetables to supply a large family, or half a plot (5 rods) for the smaller family.

Mini plots
If you are considering growing your own produce and a full size plot is just too intimidating then we have an idea that may appeal to you.  Why not try a mini plot?  A mini plot is exactly what it says, smaller than a standard plot yet a good working size and absolutely perfect for someone who doesn't have the time or inclination to start on a grand scale.

Special Needs

Allotment Gardening In Sutton 3 Sutton has a specially adapted site, within Cheam Park, to suit the needs of the disabled. There are in fact 18 plots of varying heights surrounded by a sensory garden and a model plot to help give ideas and inspiration.  Further facilities include seating, toilets and a sheltered area.

Trading facilities

For a small membership fee many allotment sites have trading huts which enable you to purchase all your gardening needs at reasonable prices and are more convenient than going to your local garden centre..


The current costs per square metre are £0.285 basic rate, £0.180 concessionary rate, plus £0.041 water rate. e.g. A standard plot of 125 square metres would cost £40.75 per annum. (April 2014 fees and charges)

Allotment keys can be collected from Civic Offices and cost £20 per key which is non refundable.


As from 2012, bonfires are banned on allotments from 1st April to 30th September

Allotment directories

Links to find allotments in your area.

Applying for allotments

How to get an allotment.

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