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Adapting Your Home and the 'Staying Put' Scheme

'Staying Put' Scheme

If you are a homeowner, council tenant or live in a shared ownership property and are finding it difficult to stay in your home as a result of deteriorating health or disability, you may be able to qualify for help from us to adapt your home.

Depending on your personal situation and what type of home you live in (either private or social housing), you may be able to have help in adapting your home.

The first step is to complete a 'self-referral' form which you can get by contacting our Occupational Therapy service on 020 8770 4446 or by writing to:

Occupational Health
Sutton West Centre
Robin Hood Lane
Sutton, Surrey

Once you have completed your 'self-referral' Occupational Therapy will assess your claim and either refer you to Sutton Housing Partnership (for social housing properties) or Sutton 'Staying Put' (for private or shared ownership properties).

Disabled Facilities Grant

If you want to speak to us regarding a disability facility grant application, please contact Sutton Staying Put on 020 8409 7061 or write to:

Sutton Staying Put
24 Denmark Road