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Heritage Designations

Sutton has long been regarded as a prosperous and attractive area in which to live. It conveys the image of a leafy well laid-out established 'arcadia', historically being a collection of rural villages.

Every place has a unique set of characteristics which are often made up of historic buildings, structures and spaces which need preservation and since 1968 the Council has focused on the preservation of the special character and appearance of the Borough. In the last 40 years the Council has designated a further 13 Conservation Areas and has identified 22 Areas of Special Local Character.

In addition to these wider areas of historic importance there are buildings and structures which are valued as an important part of the historic environment. Many such buildings are nationally important and therefore have been included on the Statutory List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest. There are also buildings and structures which, although not of sufficient quality to warrant statutory listing, are locally significant because of their historic or architectural interest and these have been identified on the Local List.

Heritage Assets fall into one of two categories, either Designated Heritage Assets or Locally Identified Heritage Assets.

Designated Heritage Assets are Statutorily Listed BuildingsConservation Areas, Historic Parks and Gardens and Scheduled Ancient Monuments.

Locally Identified Heritage Assets are those that are important to the Borough and include Locally Listed BuildingsAreas of Special Local Character and Archaeological Priority Areas.

Sutton Town Centre High Street Crossroads Conservation Area

The Sutton Town Centre High Street Crossroads Conservation Area was designated on 9 May 2011