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Help for Sutton residents during the Recession

This page is for Sutton residents seeking practical advice on how to deal with the recession. It can tell you what you can do and where to go for information and support on everything from sorting out benefits and finding a new job during the current economic downturn.

If you have lost your job, or your employer has told you of the possibility of being made redundant, getting advice & support is of great importance.

You may not be eligible for any specific benefits right now, you will need to inform Jobcentre Plus that you are unemployed. They will then arrange for your National Insurance contributions to be kept up (this is important as NI contributions affect your State Pension & also future eligibility for benefits). Below are some details regarding organisations that offer advice & assistance in seeking jobs, applying for them & benefits that you are eligible for.

Advice to Homeowners

Please see here for any information and advice to homeowners who need to sell their homes in order to claim housing and council tax benefit.

Discounts & Exemptions

In here you will be able to find out whether you are eligible for a discount on your council tax bill.

Welfare Advice

To help you find information relating to welfare rights and benefits, we have provided you with some useful links.