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What if I disagree with my overpayment?

When an overpayment is created on your claim, we will send you notification letters telling you about the reassessment of your claim and the overpayment caused. These notification letters give you one month to write in and request that we reconsider your claim.

If you do not request a reconsideration within this month, your overpayment becomes fully recoverable.

A landlord can request a review where recovery could be sought from him personally; that is, where he received the payment or a deduction is being made from the benefit he receives for one of his tenants in order to recover an overpayment owed by the landlord in respect of another tenant.

A landlord may write to us at any time to request a written statement of reasons for the recovery of an overpayment from him.

The Overpayment Section cannot discuss the assessment of your claim. If you disagree with how your claim has been assessed or how your overpayment has been calculated you must contact the Revenues & Benefits Customer Services team on 8770 5444.

For further information on reviews and the appeals process please visit Housing Benefit - Appeals.