Sutton School Expansion Programme

Secondary Expansion Programme

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The additional children coming through the Borough’s primary schools will be seeking secondary provision in the Borough in the future.

In partnership with local secondary schools in Sutton, the Council has planned expansions at 10 secondary schools in Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the secondary expansion programme providing additional secondary places in 2015 and 2016 (table below notes the total number of extra places each school will offer).

School name Year Total number of extra places (11-16)
Nonsuch High School for Girls 2015 150
Sutton Grammar School 2015 75
Glenthorne 2015 135
Carshalton High School for Girls 2015 150
Carshalton Boys Sports College 2015 150
Greenshaw High School  2016 300
St Philomenas 2016 150
The John Fisher 2016 150
Wallington County Grammar School 2016 75
Overton Grange 2016 150
  Total 1485

Despite the additional places  being provided at our existing secondary schools the Council’s current projections suggest that a new secondary school will be required by 2018.

Given the expansions identified above, the Council’s current projections (link to page above) suggest that there will be some spare capacity in 2016/17 and although the position could be very tight there should be sufficient places in the academic year 2017/18 as well.

The projections identify a clear need for a new secondary school by 2018 and plans are underway for a new school to be located at the Sutton Hospital Site. Should demand remain high, the current projection suggests that further secondary school places could be required as early as 2019 or 2020 and that this need will be sustained such that the Council is in the process of identifying a further site as part of the issues and options consultation of the Local Plan.

Work has been underway for some time on new school provision in the Borough with initial feasibility work undertaken for new school provision at the Sutton Hospital site in Belmont as well as a potential site in Rose Hill. Information on these feasibility studies can be found here.

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