Tree preservation orders

Request a new Tree Preservation Order

Request a Tree Preservation Order (TPO)

If you wish to make a request to the Local Planning Authority (LPA) to protect a tree, a group
of trees, an area of land where trees are located or a woodland with a Tree Preservation
Order (TPO) please use the following online form: Request a TPO

The LPA has adopted a TPO assessment method that it will always use when considering to
serve a new TPO. This evaluation considerations are as follows:

1. Public Visibility
2. Individual Impact (Condition, Retention Span, Local Importance, Other Factors)
3. Wider Impact
4. Expediency (Management of the Tree and Threats to the Tree)

The LPA normally consider that trees within Streets or Green Areas controlled by the
Council are under good arboricultural management given, that the London Borough of
Sutton has an adopted Tree Strategy: Tree Strategy

However, there might be occasions when the LPA might wish to protect trees that are within
the ownership of the Council. In, these circumstance the online TPO request form should be

All new request for TPO’s could take up to 12 weeks to be considered by the LPA depending
on the likelihood of tree(s) works taking place and the amenity value of the tree(s).

The LPA will to inform you of its decision once it has undertaken an assessment using its
TPO assessment method.