Tree preservation orders

Checking a trees status

Tree Status Check

If you wish to do works to trees within the London Borough of Sutton you will need to check the following before starting work yourself, or contracting work on your trees. You must check that the trees in question are not protected by either a Tree Preservation Order, Conservation Area or Planning Conditions, this can be done for free by following the guidance below, or you can pay a fee for our tree admin team to conduct this on your behalf.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO) and Conservation Area

To find out whether there is a TPO or Conservation Area status placed on the tree please visit our Tree Status map.

Planning Conditions

To view Planning applications which have been granted within Sutton please visit our Public Access portal, help guides are also available.

LBS Tree Status check

If you would like our team to conduct a search on your behalf you will first need to visit our payments page and make a £20 payment (per site) under Planning - Miscellaneous - Planning - Copies of Documents. Once you have a receipt number please email our Tree Works team with details of the site, or a site plan and quote your receipt number, we aim to respond within 48 working hours.