Tree preservation orders

Trees protected by planning condition

The council also has powers to impose conditions upon the grant of planning permission for development, to ensure that existing trees worthy of retention are protected and not damaged during and/or after construction. The council will also promote high quality tree planting within new developments in order to maintain and enhance the Borough's local landscapes.

Prior permission will be required from the council before the following works can be carried out to trees protected by conditions:

  • Fell,
  • Lop, or
  • Prune

Depending on the wording of the planning condition, you may need to submit an application and pay a fee. Before carrying out any works to trees protected by a planning condition, you will need to contact the tree works service via email who will advise you on the type of application you need to submit and whether a fee is required.

Applications to fell trees protected with planning conditions should be determined within 8 weeks of the application being received. If the decision is not made within this time the applicant may lodge an appeal with the Secretary of State against the council's failure to make a decision.

The Council currently operates a free service for works to trees protected by tree preservation orders and conservation areas. A fee may be payable for applications to fell trees protected by planning conditions.