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Sutton Garden Suburb conservation area


The management strategy for Sutton Garden Suburb conservation area has been prepared in response to the findings of character appraisal and sets out a mid to long-term strategy for managing change within the conservation area and actions proposed to enhance the area.

The management plan aims to manage change in the conservation area so that its special qualities are maintained and enhanced.

Management plan
The management plan provides:

  • planning guidance specific to the conservation area, which expands on the historic environment policies in the Unitary Development Plan;
  • details of the properties covered by a revised Article 4(2) direction and when planning permission is needed; and
  • actions to improve the public realm.

The Council adopted the plan as a supplementary planning document on 25 July 2008 following public consultation between 20 February and 3 April 2007. It forms part of Sutton's local development framework.

The management plan and supporting documents can be found in the links on the right hand side of this page.

Residents guide
A guide for residents was published in 2009 to provide residents with information and advice about living in the Sutton Garden Suburb conservation area and the benefits, restrictions and responsibilities involved:

Character appraisal
The character appraisal (adopted July 2006) sets out details of the area's qualities, including its origins and development, and buildings and landscape character, to provide a sound basis for deciding planning applications.

The character appraisal and supporting documents can be found in the links on the right hand side of this page.

More information
For more information, contact the LDF team on 020 8770 5000 or email

These documents can be viewed at Civic Offices, Denmark Road Council offices and at Sutton Central Library.

To purchase copies of the management plan or character appraisal, priced at £15 (non-residents and businesses) or £10 (residents) each, use our online payments service.

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