Application forms, fees and guidance

Validation checklist

Top ten common reasons for invalidation of application

  1. Incomplete, unsigned or undated certificates (ie. Certificate of ownership, Agricultural Holdings certificate) and unsigned or undated declaration.
  2. No site location plan submitted. Site location plan not drawn to the scale indicated or application site not edged in red.
  3. Drawings show encroachment onto adjoining land and notice has not been served onto owners.
  4. Not all the works that are shown on the plans are described on the application form.
  5. No roof plans or site sections submitted with application.
  6. Not all elevations submitted (all elevations are required where the proposed work or part of works will be visible).
  7. Installation of replacement window applications (these applications are often submitted with little or no details)
  8. Block Plan (absence of a plan indicating the exact location of proposed works drawn in relation to the existing buildings and site boundaries)
  9. Discrepancies between the floor plans and elevations submitted regarding the proposed works and frequently where dimensions are stated they are not accurate when compared with the scale indicated. (These discrepancies are very common and delay could be avoided if plans were checked thoroughly before submission).
  10. Incorrect fee or absence of the statutory planning fee.