Yellow lines, parking bays and white bars

Yellow lines and parking bays

Dangerous parking can reduce visibility, particularly at junctions, affecting the safety of motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. 

Illegally parked vehicles can also cause congestion and lead to traffic jams and delays inconveniencing everyone including legitimate parkers, delivery vehicles, buses and of course emergency vehicles.  

Road markings such as yellow lines, loading bays, bus stops, taxi ranks and controlled parking zones indicate that some sort of restriction has been introduced.  

If you would like to report faded yellow lines or request new lines to be installed, please use our enquiry form

Yellow lines 

Yellow lines help traffic to move freely by reducing congestion and improving road safety.  

There are two main types: 

  • Double yellow lines mean that parking is restricted 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in other words ‘at any time’. No signs are required.
  • Single yellow lines indicate a shorter period of restriction and that at some time of the day parking is not allowed. The days and times of the restrictions will be shown on a nearby yellow sign on a post or lamp column. 

In addition, loading restrictions are shown by yellow markings, sometimes called ‘blips’, on the edge of the kerb and white signs explaining when loading is not allowed. 

If in doubt, check the signs.