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Street parking and enforcement

Local parking requests

Local parking requests are small changes to existing parking restrictions or introduction of new ones such as double yellow lines on a junction, removal of redundant parking bays and minor changes to existing waiting and loading arrangements.

Changes to the operational hours of existing Controlled Parking Zones and policy changes will not be considered as local parking requests.

Requests can be received from local residents, businesses, Ward Councillors and MPs and tend to be carried out at locations where, due to dangerous or obstructive parking, the introduction of short lengths of yellow line parking restrictions would solve the particular problem.

What can I do?

If you wish to make a request for new or amended parking restrictions you can do so by using the online enquiry form.

What information do I need to provide?

When contacting us please try and give us as much detail as possible including:

  • Your full name and address
  • Contact phone number(s) and/or email address
  • What the problem is
  • The days and times that it happens
  • Any photos and other useful information 
  • What you think would solve the problem

You may also wish to talk to your neighbours and submit your request as a petition.

What is the process?

Requests are initially considered by officers and checked to see if they are feasible. They are then added to a database awaiting assessment for further consideration when and if, suitable funding becomes available. Funding is usually requested from Local Committee budgets.

To help local Councillors when making the decisions on which schemes to fund, each request is assessed against a set of criteria including:

  • Safety (number of recorded personal injury accidents)
  • Obstruction (access difficulties for London Fire Brigade, LB Waste Services and local bus operators)
  • Location of nearby attractions used by vulnerable users (schools/colleges, Hospitals and medical centres, community/leisure facilities and transport hubs)

Local Committee Chairs and Ward Councillors will also be asked whether there are any special circumstances that they would like to be taken into consideration.

Decisions on which schemes to fund are made by Councillors at the Local Committees. Unfortunately there is insufficient funding to deal with all of the requests received.  All unsuccessful requests remain on file and may be considered again at a later date.

Depending on the complexity of the scheme, informal consultation with all properties within the affected area may follow. The result of any informal consultation is shared with Local Councillors.

If informal consultation is not required, the scheme progresses straight to drafting of a Traffic Management Order (TMO).

How long does it take?

Whenever possible a number of parking schemes are combined into one TMO to reduce costs and make more effective use of limited resources.

The TMO process includes advertising in the local paper, offering the public the opportunity to object and dealing with any objections received. Sometimes it is necessary to go back to a Local Committee before a decision can be made.

As a result, implementation on the ground can take between 6 - 12 months, dependent on committee cycles and the outcomes of consultation from the date a scheme is selected for funding.