Parking enforcement

Make a request

The Council has contracted out parking enforcement to Saba (formerly Indigo), who you can contact on 020 8661 0096 if you need to report illegal parking.

General requests for parking enforcement

If you wish to report a vehicle parked in contravention please ring the Council enforcement contractor, Saba (formerly Indigo) on 020 8661 0096 during operational hours. Please note that operational hours and response time is subject to available resources.

Dropped kerb enforcement

If you wish to report a vehicle parked in front of your dropped kerb without your permission please ring the Councils enforcement contractor - Saba (formerly Indigo) on 020 8661 0096. You will be asked for your name and address and the Civil Enforcement Officer will knock at your door to confirm you are the householder before issuing a Penalty Charge Notice.

Please note the contravention is only deemed to have occurred if any part of the vehicle is adjacent to the lowered flat section of the dropped kerb - this does not include the angled section of the kerb. 

More information on dropped kerb enforcement

Footway parking enforcement

There is a London wide ban on parking on the footway (that is parking with one or more wheels on pavements, dropped kerbs and grass verges) & is enforced in the London Borough of Sutton. Do not park on the footway unless there are signs and white bay markings indicating that you may do so.