Improving parking across Sutton Phase 1 consultation

Overview of the parking strategy and consultation

Time line of parking consultation highlighting stage 2 the formal consultation stage


This stage of the phase one consultation has now closed and we are analysing the responses from residents. 

What is the Parking Strategy and how will it help Sutton’s parking problems?

With the fourth highest car ownership level in London, many residents have told Sutton Council that parking within the borough is now a major and growing concern.  

We understand you have issues with traffic and emissions, and recognise that there is not enough kerb space for the number of parked cars. 

For more information please download the parking strategy document 


Our Parking Consultation process

We will consult with residents - covering all wards - to understand and then address parking problems across the borough.The consultation process is delivered in three stages.

  • Parking consultation stage 1 - helping us to understand parking problems in your street; we'll then develop design proposals aimed at resolving these issues.
  • Parking consultation stage 2 - Asking whether you support these design proposals 
  • Parking consultation stage 3 - Undertaking the formal statutory consultation with official Traffic Management Order (TMO) 
  • Stage 4 - Once this consultation process has been completed,and if proposals are agreed, then we will implement solutions for your street