Where are the parking consultations happening?

We are consulting residents across Sutton to understand parking problems in your area.

The consultations have been split into three geographical areas, and will take place in three stages.

Map of Sutton showing Ward boundaries

  • Geographical Area 1 - Affects parts of St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley, Sutton Central, Sutton South, Sutton West, Carshalton Central, Belmont and Wallington North
  • Geographical Area 2 - Affects parts of Cheam and Belmont, Sutton South, Carshalton Central, Carshalton South and Clockhouse
  • Geographical Area 3 - Affects parts of Cheam North, Worcester Park, Beddington and Wallington

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Geographical Area 3, stage 3 directory

The directory and online map reference the following acronyms: SYL (single yellow lines) DYL (double yellow lines) PPA (permit parking area) and CPZ (controlled parking zone). 

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For consultations that are commplete you can check our permit directory to see if your street is in a new parking zone, when it is operational and how to apply for a permit.

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