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Geographical Area 1

Stage 2 Parking Consultation - (completed December 2018)

This consultation ran from Friday 16 November to 30th December 2018. This stage of the Geographical Area 1 consultation has now closed. 

Who did we consult at stage 2?

We consulted with residents in the following wards:

  •     Parts of Carshalton Central

  •     Parts of St Helier, The Wrythe and Wandle Valley

  •     Parts of Sutton Local including Central, North and West

  •     Parts of Sutton South and Belmont

  •     Parts of Wallington North

What we asked?

We wanted to know whether or not you supported design proposals for your street following the feedback from the first consultation.

We developed these proposed parking scheme designs with the aim of resolving the feedback from the 5,324 responses received during our Stage 1 consultation.

The proposals in summary were:

Belmont: A Free Bay CPZ operating 10-11am Monday to Friday was proposed for Brighton Road, Egmont Road, Devonshire Road, Filey Close and Langley Park Road along with a few other roads of the Sutton South ward adjacent to the existing Green CPZ.

Carshalton Central: A proposal for a controlled parking zone was suggested as 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday to be consistent with existing zones already in place in Sutton Town Centre.

St. Helier: A controlled parking zone (CPZ) 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday to be consistent with existing CPZ times within Sutton.

Sutton Central: Proposed Blue and Green CPZ extensions 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday to be consistent with the existing zones, to include the unrestricted roads to the east of the ward, adjacent to the existing CPZs.

Sutton North: Proposal for a PPA at Aultone Way, 8am-6.30pm Monday to Friday and a free-bay parking zone around this PPA.

Sutton South: A Free Bay CPZ operating 9-10am Monday-Friday was proposed for the unrestricted roads to the west of the ward in order to be consistent with the existing controls in the adjacent roads. A further Free Bay CPZ operating 10-11am Monday-Friday was proposed for the roads to the south and east of the ward adjacent to the Green CPZ.

Sutton West: A Free Bay CPZ operating 9-10am Mon-Fri was proposed for some of the unrestricted roads adjacent to the existing Blue and Green CPZs to the north, middle and south of the ward.

The Wrythe: A CPZ was proposed for the largest part of The Wrythe ward that would operate 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday to be consistent with the existing zone times. This CPZ included parts of the Carshalton Central and St Helier wards. For the rest of the ward’s streets not covered by the CPZ scheme, the proposal was to introduce no waiting at any time restrictions (double yellow lines) for corner protection and where access difficulties were previously identified.

Wallington North: Proposed PPA 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday to be consistent with existing zone times.

Wandle Valley: Proposed CPZ 8am-6.30pm Monday to Saturday to be consistent with existing zone times.

The consultation on these proposals was sent to 41,795 households. A series of public engagement events were also held across the consultation area.

What you said?

5,249 responses from 3,777 households were received in the stage 2 consultation. The response rate by household was 9% and by individuals was 12%.

Feedback to the proposals show that around 61% of responses were against the parking proposals on a road, 23% of responses were in support of proposals and 16% held other views.

Feedback about the proposals across wards and local areas varied.

As part of the consultation 9,229 comments were analysed and coded into 25 themes, reflecting wide-ranging feedback from residents.

The top five themes were:

  • 24% of all responses were against the proposal on a certain street and/or wanted things to stay as they are.

  • 8% of responses were requests for more car parking spaces, cheaper public car parking spaces and increased capacity, with a new multi-storey car park

  • 8% of responses were specifically about the introduction of parking permits for residents. Most comments were in favour of permits, however some were concerned about arrangements for visitors and charges.

  • 7% of responses were about parking displacement, as a result of introducing a CPZ scheme in neighbouring roads. Specific issues were with commuter parking, school parking (as well as school run and after-school events) and football parking.

  • 7% of responses highlighted the feeling that there were no previous or current parking problems or issues with parking.

The full report from the independent consultants was completed in April 2019.