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Parking strategy - traffic management order

Traffic management order

The traffic management order (TMO) consultation for the remaining parking proposals in Geographical Area 1 closed on October 21, 2021.

The TMO proposals included:

Free bay schemes in Sutton North. The free bay parking zones are a combination of unrestricted free parking bays that can be used at any time, as well as single yellow lines with a restriction of Monday-Friday 9am to 10am. There are no parking charges/permits involved with this type of scheme.

Free bay schemes are proposed at the following locations:

  • Chudleigh Gardens/Longford Gardens
  • Rosehill Gardens 
Restrictions in various other locations including:
  • Disabled bays
  • Time limited free bays
  • Footway parking bays
  • Residents permit parking bay
  • Single and double yellow line waiting and loading restrictions.

Download the formal legal documents (PDF) for these proposals.

Now the consultation is closed, the council will consider and determine all representations received before deciding whether to proceed with the scheme as advertised, modify it or abandon the proposals. 

You can find out more about the TMO process in our Frequently Asked Questions.