Early Intervention

Lead Professional

The Lead Professional role is a key part of integrated working. It requires a set of functions which must be carried out to deliver an effective, coherent service to children and young people with additional needs that require an integrated response. A lead professional can be any professional who is a part of the team around the family. This professional can be from any service/agency. It is important that the family are involved in the discussion of who is best placed to coordinate the support and services being offered to the family.  

The Department for Children, Schools and Families has said that all children and young people with additional needs (including complex needs) who require support from more than one practitioner should experience a seamless and effective service. This entails one practitioner taking the lead to ensure that services are co-ordinated, coherent and achieving intended outcomes.

Being Lead professional involves:

  • Developing a positive and productive relationship with the family
  • Acting as a single point of contact for the child and their family
  • Organising regular TAF meetings
  • Using the EHAT to set actions and monitor outcomes
  • Coordinating the delivery of effective early intervention support
  • working in partnership with other professionals
  • reviewing and monitoring the support plan during the TAF meetings

It is important to note that the lead professional is responsible for the action linked with their agency; they are not responsible for carrying out actions for another agencies.

For advice on the lead professional role please contact the Early Help Coordinator on 020 8770 4128.