Information, advice and support for young people

Young people in care or leaving care

We are responsible for the wellbeing of children and young people who are subject to care orders and those who are in supported accommodation.

The majority of young people in care come from families who experience hardship and are separated from them because their family was unable to provide adequate care. Others may be in care because of distressing experiences/neglect, having certain disabilities or complex needs or because of criminal offences they have committed.

Young people are mainly cared for by foster carers. Some children live in children's homes and sometimes with extended family members.

For more information about what our looked after and leaving care team do and our looked after pledge, see supporting young people in care and leaving care.

Get your voice heard

If you are in care or leaving care and have any questions or are unhappy about something, you can usually ask your carers or your social worker. This can be about anything like keeping in touch with friends and family, getting pocket money, needing to see a doctor or a dentist, going on holiday, etc.

If you are struggling to get across your views and want to make sure that they are heard and acted upon, an independent advocate could help and we can arrange this. MAPS (Mentoring, Advocacy and Peer Support) provides more information about advocacy.

If you would like to talk to someone else regarding your problem or query, you can also contact our youth participation officer, a senior youth worker or our complaints and information access officer on 020 8770 5754.

If you would like to help improve and the shape services we provide, you can also join the Sutton Cared for and Fostered Council, a group that represents the views of young people in care in the borough.