Fostering in Sutton

Fostering stories

Here are a few stories from some of our foster carers and Social Workers.

Foster Carer 1

We chose to be Foster Carers to make a difference in children's lives and to continue our love of parenting and extending our family.

There are so many positives to being a Foster Carer! To name a few it would be:

  • Watching the young people in your care blossom and achieve, both educationally and personally.

  • To see them overcome anxieties and problems.

  • To laugh and share their first Christmas with you.

  • To see them happily return home or nurture and prepare them for adoption - seeing the the smiles and cuddles with their new mummy and daddy - That is amazing!

  • To help them with their homework

  • Welcome their friends into their new home with you.

  • Take them on holiday; taking them on a plane for the first time.

  • Family time where they feel safe and secure in their foster home but able to talk freely and with love about their birth family.

There are a number of challenges that come with being a Foster Carer. The assessment process is long and can be intrusive. However, it has to be to really, as they need to find out about you, including a bit about your history and how much you want children and young people in your lives.

The other challenges very much depend on the child in your care. For example, there can be the sleepless nights from a baby or children who may self-harm.

However, the support we have received from Sutton Council is very good. We have had a brilliant SSSW who looks after us, advises and supports us and there is also training courses available in many areas.

We would definitely recommend fostering to people from all walks of life who care about children and want to share their home, family and life, because it is life-changing. It has to be as children are precious!

Foster Carer 2

We chose to be Foster Carers as we had some friends that were carers and it showed us how it was great way to put our energy and empty home to good use.

Fostering is such a fulfilling role. We are able to give a secure and loving home to children, even if it is for a short time. It is a moment in time they will always remember.

There are challenges to being a Foster Carer. Some of these are predictable and some of these keep you on your toes!

We have a Supervising Social Work that has given us endless support when needed. Plus, we have received great training. Having brought up two children already, I was amazed and how much I learnt!

Supervising social worker

As a Supervising Social Worker, it is very rewarding to be involved and collaborate with Foster Carers who welcome a child into their home and have the dedication of helping each child thrive and reach his or her potential.

Although there are some challenges that come with Fostering, I have enjoyed being able to support Foster Carers who show such strong commitment and perseverance, as it ultimately produces positive outcomes for children, which is the end goal that we all have working together as professionals.