Childcare Funding

Free Childcare Entitlement for 2-4 Year Olds

The benefits of a good early education

Children like to explore the world around them, play with other children and have fun. Good early years education from a young age can help boost child development. Early education is about learning through play. Children will learn through the Early Years Foundation Stage framework which aims to promote children's development, well being and interest in learning.

What is the free entitlement?

15 hours for two year olds

Eligible families are able to apply for up to 15 hours per week of free childcare for their two year old children. This can give you more time to take up a college course or return to work, as well as give your child the opportunity to learn, play with friends, experience new activities and get ready for school.

Apply for free childcare for your two year old

15 hours for three and four year olds

All children are entitled to receive up to 15 hours per week over 38 weeks (term time) from the term after their third birthday as part of the Government's early education funding scheme.

Apply for free childcare for your three and four year old

30 hours for three and four year olds

From September 2017 eligible three and four year olds will be able to apply for an additional 15 hours of childcare to support parents into work or to work extra hours should they wish.

Further information on the 30 hours childcare

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