Becoming a childcare provider

Becoming a childminder

Who are Childminders?

Registered Childminders are self-employed childcare professionals working in their own home to provide care and education for other people's children in a family setting. Childminders must be registered with Ofsted in order to look after children under the age of eight for more than two hours per day.

What work is involved in being a Childminder?

Childminders cater for children's physical, educational, social and emotional needs by providing a warm, caring environment along with stimulating play and learning activities. They aim to support children's learning and development through a variety of activities based around the seven areas of learning. Childminders responsibilities may also include planning, preparing and serving meals to the children in their care. With babies, this will include preparing bottles, feeding and changing nappies.

An important aspect of the job is to work closely with parents and other associated professionals about the well being and learning and development of their children.

What hours might a Childminder work?

To cater for the needs of working parents, childminders are likely to work long hours. Some childminders offer a weekend and/or overnight service.

The work can involve taking children to and from school or playgroup. Childminding will have a big impact on home life. It may be necessary to modify your home to make it safe. The understanding and support of your family is essential.

What do I need to do to become a Childminder?

For those wishing to become a Childminder through the London Borough of Sutton you will need to complete the borough's Childminder Pre-Registration Process.

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Please contact the Family Information Service on 020 8770 6000 for an information pack on the pre-registration process or alternative courses.