Types of childcare


Who is a nanny?

Nannies and home carers are employed by parents to care for children in their own home and can be suitable for parents who need flexible childcare, who have a large family or have a child with a disability.

Nanny registration

Nannies and home carers are not required to register with Ofsted in England. However, to encourage quality of care, they can join the voluntary Ofsted register. 

Although many do have nursery nurse or childcare training, nannies and home carers do not need to hold qualifications. 

Parents are responsible for interviewing and checking the registration and all relevant references of nannies and home carers.

Paying for a nanny

The cost of employing a nanny will vary depending on whether the nanny lives in or out, how many hours they work and any other duties. As their employer, parents are responsible for paying their tax and national insurance contributions.

Nannies who are on the voluntary Ofsted register can be paid using the childcare element of Working Tax Credit.

Things to consider when employing a nanny 

You may find it useful to make some notes for reference later. You will be the best judge of what is right for your child. However, the list below may guide you on points to look for when employing a nanny. 


  • What qualifications and experience do they have?
  • Are there references to look at and contact details of referees?
  • Do they have a DBS check (replacement for CRB)?
  • What activities and projects will they do with your children?
  • Are they a smoker?
  • What methods of discipline do they use?
  • Can they cook?
  • Can they drive and if so do they have a clean licence?
  • Do they have a first aid certificate?
  • Ask a couple of scenario questions...what would you do if...?

General points to consider


  • If children are at the interview how well do they interact with the children?
  • What duties will you want the nanny to undertake?
  • Do you require the nanny to be able to swim?
  • What hobbies and interests does the nanny have? For example do they play any musical instruments?
  • Do they have any children of their own?
  • Will they be willing to babysit if necessary?

Searching for a nanny

It is always advisable to employ a nanny that has come through a nanny agency. However, you will have to pay an agency fee when you employ the nanny. You can search the Family Services Directory to look for a nanny agency in the borough. Alternatively, you can contact us on 020 8770 6000 for a list.