Disabled Children's Services

Short Breaks

Enabling parents and carers to have a break, while disabled children and young people get the chance to do things that other children do.

Who is eligible for family and carer support services, such as short breaks?

Short Breaks are designed to support disabled children, young people and their families allowing children to experience new relationships, environments and positive activities whilst giving families a break from their caring role. They are preventative services that form part of the support received by disabled children.

There are a wide range of services to support families in bringing up disabled children and to help them achieve good outcomes for those children that reach the threshold of our disability service (eligible to register on I COUNT).

There is a range of short breaks, which you may be able to access depending on the needs and aspirations of your child. These include:

  • direct payments (which can fund a Personal Assistant or appropriate activities)
  • personal short breaks - the partnership has a contract with agencies to provide personal short break services in which your child can be supported in their home or out and about in the community
  • a range of play and youth provision, both specialist and universal
  • overnight family based care or residential short breaks

There is much more information on the Local  Offer which can be accessed through the red button at the top right of this page.

Applications for short breaks can be accessed by an EHAT assessment (Early Help Support Tool) completed by a relevant professional. This is usually someone who knows your child well and is already working with them eg a portage worker, school nurse, health visitor or class teacher. Where the disability and/or family situation is complex a social worker may undertake a child and family assessment.

An EHAT assessment should be completed when a child or young person is not known to us or who has not had services recently. This should be sent to AccessPoint for the referral to be processed and also to the EHAT co-ordinatoor for their records.

If you are thinking of applying for short breaks, please get in touch so we can discuss the options with you and advise on the best approach including the type of information we need included in the EHAT. For more information on the EHAT please visit the Early Help web pages.

Where a child or young person is already in receipt of Short Breaks this support package will need to be reviewed on an annual basis. We alternate these reviews being completed by schools and by self assessment.

If we have requested that this review be completed by a school please download the Disabled Children's Service Review document.

If we have requested that this review be completed by the Parent/Carer then please download the Self Assessment Review form.

Once completed these documents should be sent to us at accesspoint@sutton.gov.uk where we will be able to check we have all the information we require to submit the request to our Disabled Children's Support Panel.

Please remember that if you have a safeguarding concern regarding a child you should discuss this with the MASH team in the first instance. For more information please visit the safeguarding web pages.

You can download Sutton's Short Break Statement, You said we did and Short Breaks Statement for Young People.

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