Disabled Children's Services

Young people and transition to adult life


As children grow older and into young adults they move on from Children's services into Adult services.  This is governed by the Care Act 2014.  At 18 young people take on more responsibility unless they do not have the capacity to make decisions for themselves. For many families this can be a difficult time as parents are no longer able to automatically make decisions for their young person unless the young person does not have capacity.             

The Care Act gives the local authority the responsibilty of ensuring that young people have the right information to make decisions and to signpost them to services that would help them.

In some circumstances young people may go on to have a Care Assessment which could result in a Statement of Need and a Support Plan.  Young adults are also financially assessed for any care needs they may have and may be required to contribute financially to any care they receive.

More information can be obtained from Sutton Alps.

Preparing for Adulthood also has a lot of useful information.