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Hackbridge new road layout - next steps

Sutton Council has been monitoring the effects of the new junction. As a result, we will consider making a number of changes. Some of the changes we will do now.  Some others are subject to discussion and agreement at a Delivery Board of partners who oversee the project.  Our partners include Bio Regional (a local consultancy company), the Greater London Authority (GLA) and other local interested groups.  We will then review the effects of the changes in January 2015.  We will keep you updated on what is happening every two weeks.

Next steps

Actions to 28.11.14

1 The roundel will be replaced by a mini-roundabout with arrows, give-way markings and lit signs which will be in place by mid-December..

The mini-roundabout will be installed during the night of 1 December (subject to the weather) and will go 'live' the following morning

2 'New Road Layout Ahead' signs on each approach arm to the junction.

The new road layout signs have now been installed on the approaches to Hackbridge. These will be changed to say "New Roundabout Ahead" as soon as the roundabout goes 'live'

3 The lollipop person will be retained for the immediate future to help with school crossings.

The School Crossing Patrol Service will ensure a lollipop person is available

4 The six courtesy crossings will be made to stand out more by colouring their surface.

The Delivery Board met on 26th November and agreed to keep this under review following the full Stage 3 Safety Audit

5 A road safety campaign will be launched with the police to give information on courtesy crossings to motorists, including bus drivers and local hauliers.

A leaflet will be available shortly and the campaign is scheduled for the second week of December

6 Commission a disability access audit to review how the scheme works for people with disabilities, following the installation of the mini roundabout.

An independent accessibility audit of the 'as built' scheme will take place in January 2015 at the same time as the full Stage 3 Safety Audit

7 Consideration of making the Heart of Hackbridge centre and surrounding roads a 20mph zone and introducing further speed reduction measures if the latest speed surveys show that they are needed

The Delivery Board considered the speed survey and recommended consulting on a 20 mph zone

l We will incorporate this into the Delivery Programme for March 2015 (earlier if possible)

l The speed survey report is now available on this web page

8 Discuss with the developer of the Felnex site to see if a traffic signalled junction with a separate crossing period for pedestrians at the Station junction can be installed earlier than planned.

Discussions with the developer are ongoing.