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Safety audit sets way forward for Heart of Hackbridge

Interim Audit supports the principles of Hackbridge scheme with minor adjustments. Local Delivery Board agrees with findings and suggests additional signs to be installed immediately.

The interim safety audit has backed the general design of the Heart of Hackbridge regeneration scheme. The findings by independent consultants were shared at the Delivery Board meeting on Wednesday (24 September 2014). 

The Delivery Board is the group who have overseen the development of the project from the beginning. It is made up of residents, businesses, local traders, the Greater London Authority design representatives, Sutton Council and Bioregional.

The board has agreed additional changes with the design team and council officers. As part of this the council will carry out the following immediate actions: 
  • An assessment of speeds through the junction will be carried out and compared with previous data. This will ensure traffic has been sufficiently slowed. The data taken before the work was carried out recorded instances of speeds in excess of 65mph and recorded 40 near-misses in a six hour period on the zebra crossings.
  • Measures will be designed and then implemented to make the roundel in the centre of the junction more visible. This might involve additional lines and signs.
  • More signage will be installed in advance of the scheme to make clear that there are informal crossings.
  • Additional signs and road markings will be put in place including work to make clear that London Road and Hackbridge Road have equal priority. 
  • The temporary school crossing patrol officer will remain in post until the proposed changes have been fully assessed.
A full Stage 3 Safety Audit will be carried out after the additional works have been implemented in order to assess how effective they have been and to see if any further measures are required.

Sutton Council leader Ruth Dombey said: 

"Hackbridge is changing for the better and I am very pleased that the interim findings have supported the work that has been carried out. Some further adjustments are going to be made to the scheme.

"It won't be complete until all the monitoring work is done and any additional measures have been implemented. We will never compromise on the safety of residents. This started as a community-led project and I am delighted that local people have stayed engaged with us to help. Their feedback has been invaluable."