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Heart of Hackbridge - Update December 2015

Find out the latest on the Hackbridge Junction Project which will make the area a safer greener and more pleasant place.

Update on the delivery of the Felnex London road Hackbridge Station Junction
The junction proposals for the Felnex Site, which will introduce traffic lights and a controlled pedestrian crossing at the London Road Felnex Site Hackbridge Station Junction, will now be delivered this year.

The council has been working over the last few years with the landowner of the Felnex site, Schroders, in order to make sure that the Heart of Hackbridge and Felnex junction projects are complementary. The overall design of the junction was agreed at the same time as the planning permission was granted last year for the major redevelopment of the Felnex Site. Unfortunately, there have been some delays in bringing about the delivery of the new buildings on the Felnex Site (although the site clearance has been progressing well) which has affected delivery of the junction improvements. 

Having listened closely to residents concerns and in particular the concerns of parents and people with disabilities about the need to deliver a fully controlled crossing on London Road as soon as possible, both Schroders and Transport for London (TfL) have agreed to prioritise all the work required to progress the junction proposals. TfL must approve the traffic light design as London Road is an 'A' road and they have agreed to do this within 6 to 8 months rather than the usual 12 to 14 month period. The intention is to secure early delivery of the Felnex Junction in order to ensure delivery of the controlled crossing on London Road.

When this is delivered, the temporary road hump installed near the Station will be removed.

The broad timetable for delivery, should there be no unforeseen problems, is as follows
  • January 2015 - Felnex junction details and designs submitted to TfL;
  • February, March, April - Schroders to prepare detailed designs and carry out civil works and TfL to design the traffic lights and secure the developers funding;
  • May, June, July - On site contractor mobilisation for the delivery of the revised junction layout by Schroders;
  • August, September - Mobilisation and delivery of the traffic lights by TfL.