The Outer London Fund

Shop front improvements

Part of the Outer London Fund project in North Cheam and Worcester Park is enhancing the town centres through public realm improvements, and a scheme to make improvements to shop fronts.
Jan Kattein Architects, who have delivered similar projects in other parts of London to great effect, have been appointed to help the Council undertake this project.

The aim of these improvements is to improve the image of the centres, attract visitors, enhance the town centre character, and support local trade and business.

The architects are collaborating with the public realm designers to ensure the shop front improvements that we make offer maximum effect for North Cheam and Worcester Park.

Worcester Park
Jan Kattein Architects (JKA) have developed some options for Worcester Park. The strategy is two-fold:
  • Choose one parade of shops to treat as an overall block and make improvements to all. This will offer a greater enhancement to the centre as the improvements will have more impact when done in a cluster. Three possibilities have been proposed. These can be seen on the attached presentation (see downloads).
  • Offer small grants to shops who apply, for improvements to individual businesses throughout Worcester Park. Depending on what the shop keeper needs this might be things such as lighting, improving the displays, creating an outdoor display, changing a sign, adding a canopy - etc.
The architects met with the Traders Association in Worcester Park in November. In a well-attended meeting the traders discussed the options. Overall the group was keen to see 'strategy 2' (the parade near to the station) developed (together with the individual grants).

What do you think?
We would like to see whether residents and other stakeholders in Worcester Park feel the same as the traders. View the proposals and tell us your comments.

North Cheam
The architects are currently working up some options for North Cheam. A consultation, and further discussion with the traders about this centre will be taking place during early 2013.