The Outer London Fund

Heart of Hackbridge Consultation

In 2012 Sutton Council was awarded funding for two projects from the Mayor of London's 'Outer London Fund' (OLF).

Working together with the communities of Worcester Park, North Cheam and Hackbridge, these projects aim to boost these town centres with a mixture of public realm, transport, business and community activities.

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Hackbridge Road Crossings Consultation

We are currently consulting on four Options to address the concerns that residents have expressed in relation to the courtesy crossings on Hackbridge Road and London Road.

Please use the links below to complete the consultation.
The formal consultation on the Controlled Crossings will start 18 November and finish on 18 December.

Hard copies will also be available at:

  • The Hackbridge Café
  • Howard’s Hair Salon
  • Sainsbury’s

Advanced warning of works to create a Zebra Crossing on Hackbridge Road

All four Options include the delivery of a zebra crossing on Hackbridge Road, near Hackbridge Primary School and therefore it has been agreed that this should be delivered as soon as possible

Works will begin on 30 November 2015 to implement this zebra crossing. ‘Pencil’ shaped safety bollards will be installed around the crossing area. There will also be works to install Belisha beacons (and new electrical connections to them).

The works will be carried out over a planned 2-week period and will necessitate the requirement for temporary traffic lights, overnight work on two nights, closures of some roads and suspension of a number of parking bays for the duration of the work.

Three-way temporary traffic lights will be installed at the junction of Hackbridge Road and London Road and will be phased on both arms of the junction so that pedestrians can cross the road. The use of temporary traffic lights is essential whilst these works are being undertaken to ensure the safety of pedestrians, motorists and the contractor.

In order to minimise inconvenience, the temporary traffic lights will be operational initially between 09:30 - 15:00 (ie outside of the rush hour). We will keep these times under review if it is perceived that they are causing queues and a build-up of traffic around school pick-up time.

The parking bays on Hackbridge Road opposite the school will be suspended between 09.30 and 15.00 for the duration of the works in order to smooth the flow of traffic and prevent traffic build-up. However, we will aim to reduce the size of the parking suspension as much as we can as the works progress and as we get a better idea on the effect that the works are having on traffic.

Elm Road will be closed at its junction with Hackbridge Road and will be converted to 2-way working. We will therefore need to suspend parking on Elm Road for the duration of the works.

We will need to remove the informal crossing on Hackbridge Road to enable the implementation of the zebra crossing. This will therefore require a full closure of both Hackbridge Road and London Road. However, in order to minimise disruption and inconvenience, we will carry out this work at night. These overnight works are planned for Wednesday 9th & Thursday 10th December, and will be carried out between the hours of 21:00 & 05:00.

The programme for the works is as follows:

Start of Work

Monday, 30 November 2015

Footway works (tactile paving, bollards etc.)

Existing lighting columns will be removed and these will be replaced with Belisha Beacons and lighting posts.

7 December 2015

Work continues

Wednesday 9 December and Thursday 10 December

Overnight closure of Hackbridge Road and London Road