The Outer London Fund

Heart of Hackbridge update - 24 February 2015

Road Safety Audit
Further to the update on 4 February, we can now confirm that a final Stage 3 Safety Audit has been commissioned and will be undertaken on Wednesday, 25 February between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. It will look at the safety of the completed scheme including the new mini roundabout. The Safety Audit will review the use of the courtesy crossings in full use during afternoon peak hours to coincide with the finishing times of the school. It will also include a night time audit which will review the scheme when the street lights are switched on. The audit will be again be undertaken by Capital Traffic.

Accessibility Audit
In line with the council's Action Plan, an Accessibility Survey has been commissioned to review the Heart of Hackbridge scheme. The council is working closely to involve local representatives, to ensure that they have every opportunity to make their views known to the auditors. The summary brief for this his survey is attached as a PDF. The survey and the meeting with local representatives are scheduled to be undertaken in early March and the results will be made publicly available in due course.

The council is aware that the double yellow lines painted as part of the scheme have started to wear off in places. This has been brought to the attention of the contractor and repairs will be undertaken.

Following the installation of the mini roundabout and illuminated signs there is some black surfacing material 'scarring' the gold surfacing. This will be repaired at the same time as the gold surfacing material is laid on the corners of the final parking bay adjacent to Saxon House. Specialist contractors are required to lay this and are not available to undertake this work until the end of March.

The rain gardens have really helped resolve some of the poor drainage issues that used to occur in Hackbridge and have achieved this in a sustainable way. However, planting in the rain gardens has not taken well. In some instances there has been significant damage from people walking on them. Where necessary the planting will be restored. In addition, there has also been a lot of litter which has collected in the gardens which has affected their appearance.

Southern Gas Networks (SGN)
SGN had to undertake necessary repair works to their gas supply near the Post Office a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, SGN placed their spoil heap (the waste material) on the 10 reclaimed marble cobbles which had been engraved with 'One Planet' symbols and on the nearest rain garden which caused some damage.

The council took photos of the heaps and the resulting damage and has been in negotiation with SGN about what they need to do to clean up the area and the steps they need to take to tidy up the rain garden.

Monitoring the Impact of the Heart of Hackbridge Scheme
The Greater London Authority, as the main funder of the Heart of Hackbridge Project, requires that a number of monitoring exercises be undertaken once Outer London Fund projects are completed. The results of these exercises are then compared with the surveys undertaken at the outset of the Projects to see if more people are coming to shop in Hackbridge and to compare people's attitudes about the place before and after the scheme.

The monitoring exercises involve:
  • Footfall Surveys - this will look at the number of people using Hackbridge as a centre and in particular will look at the numbers of people using each of the three 'parades' of shops. This data will be compared with footfall survey results before any work was undertaken.
  • Questionnaires - a company called Retail Revival has been commissioned to collect data about what people feel about Hackbridge as a town centre now. Staff from Retail Revival have spent three days in Hackbridge stopping people and asking them to help complete a questionnaire and have so far managed to get views from nearly 100 people.
We would however like to capture as many views as possible and therefore need to get more questionnaires completed. If you would like to complete the survey please download the questionnaire (which is attached as a pdf on the right hand side) and fill it in. Completed questionnaires should be returned by Monday 16 March and the questionnaire can either be handed in at the Council's Offices in Denmark Road or scanned in and sent to