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Heart of Hackbridge update - 31 July 2014

As the Heart of Hackbridge Project is coming to an end the images below convey the astonishing transformation of Hackbridge Corner. The regeneration has brought about significant enhancements to Hackbridge, including:

  • 10% increase in town centre employment (5 new FTE jobs)
  • 1 new shop in high street
  • 1 apprenticeship started
  • £40,000 of business grants (£6,500 match funding from 14 shops)
  • 45 tonnes reduction in carbon emissions from shops
  • 10 shop facades improved
  • 4 shop interiors improved
  • Approximately 600 people at Christmas and summer events
  • 7 editions of the Hackbridge Traders Newsletters
  • 2 new websites
As part of the final works a traditional parking scheme using signs and lines will be installed towards the end of next week. The scheme will involve the installation of double yellow lines around Hackbridge Corner to restrict parking and loading, including outside Sainsbury's Local. Parking, however, will be permitted in dedicated parking bays following consultation with, and full support from, local traders. These arrangements for the bays are:
  • 1-hour parking bays near to shops
  • 2-hour parking bays further along London Road towards Beddington Corner
  • 4-hour bays along Elm Road
  • Plus, 2 bays for blue badge holders
To carry out the above works, a parking suspension will be in place on Friday 8 August between 8am and 4pm at:
  • Elm Road - the whole road with the exception of the bus stand
  • London Road - proposed parking area south of the bus stop, and on the east side of the road between Longfield Avenue and Hackbridge Road
  • Hackbridge Road - proposed area of double yellow lines on the north side of the road between the bus stop and the top of the new raised/junction table
Please see the 'Heart of Hackbridge Parking Scheme' and 'Heart of Hackbridge Traffic Order' and on the 'Downloads' section of this webpage for more information.

For the last seven weeks of the summer term at Hackbridge Primary School, a Crossing Patrol Officer has been assisting parents and children crossing the road. The Crossing Patrol Officer, however, has now found employment with the school and would not be able to continue with her duties. We are now recruiting a Crossing Patrol Officer to begin at the start of the new academic year in September. This is a temporary measure for a few months until the traffic scheme at Hackbridge Corner has bedded in and the results of the Stage 3 Safety Audit have been received in the autumn. No final decisions will be taken without talking to parents and residents first. If you are interested in applying for the position of a Crossing Patrol Officer please contact Steve Wright on or see the attached 'Crossing Patrol Officer Advertisement' document on this webpage for more information.

An Interim Stage 3 Safety Audit will be conducted in mid-August. The report will be reviewed with key technical partners, such as Transport for London, the emergency services and the Greater London Authority. The results of the audit will be published in mid-September and will be publicised by the end of September. For more information on the Interim Stage 3 Safety Audit please see the 'Interim Stage 3 Safety Audit Brief' on the 'Downloads' section of this webpage. A full safety audit will be conducted in early September following the re-opening of local schools. The results of this audit will be published towards the end of October before it goes to the Local Committee in November for consideration by councillors.