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Heart of Hackbridge update - 10 July 2014

Works are continuing with the implementation of the Heart of Hackbridge public realm and junction improvements.

Highways works during the last two months
Six road crossing points have now been installed throughout Hackbridge. They are 'informal' but the white colour of the crossings makes them highly visible to drivers and pedestrians. In conjunction with speed reduction measures they aim to encourage considerate driving. In addition to their safety benefits, their splash of colour, as well as the gold pavement surfacing installed last week, brings a welcome uplifting enhancement to the public realm of Hackbridge.

The safety of the scheme is a priority for the council: the scheme has been through two independent safety audits - both of which gave the scheme the all clear - a third safety audit will be carried out as soon as the work is completed. Any issues noted will be responded to as a matter of priority. The council is continuing to work closely with the contractors to ensure that the crossings are as safe as possible, and have installed new low-level street lights at the crossing points to ensure that pedestrians are clearly visible to motorists. The new lights are white LED, replacing the previous sodium 'yellow' lights; LED lights make it much easier for drivers to see pedestrians.

A 'lollipop' person has been working in Hackbridge to help guide parents and children across the new crossings until the end of the school year. This is in response to concerns from parents of local schoolchildren over changes in the pedestrian crossings layout on Hackbridge Road and will help while people get used to the new layout.

We will also be introducing parking restrictions at Hackbridge Junction to further improve safety. These restrictions include prohibiting drivers from parking their vehicles in front of Sainsbury's Local on Hackbridge Road. The asphalt imprinting to the parking bay areas aims to be completed this week (w/c 14th July). As soon as the proposed parking scheme is at final draft stage the drawings will be posted on this webpage for the public to view.

The cycle stands, litter bins and benches have all been installed. The rain gardens have also been planted.

All pavement works on each of the three arms of the junction have now been completed. The final surfacing material for the junction (a red chip laid into hot rolled asphalt) has been laid during a total of four nights as these works required complete road closures. The previously agreed programme of construction (laying kerbs at the entrances to the table and then laying surfacing) was reversed so that the site could be cleared in advance of the London to Brighton Cycle Ride on Sunday 15 June which always travels through Hackbridge Junction. The cycle ride progressed through the junction without any incidents. The interim speed reduction measure (the raised table which has been laid) north of the station junction was also implemented during the period of the night closures.

Final Highways Work Programme
  • Monday 30 June to Wednesday 2 July - laying "Axo-Gold" surfacing to footway areas
  • Monday 7 to Saturday 12 July - laying special white surfacing to create the six pedestrian crossings (white imprint asphalt)
  • Monday 14 to Wednesday 16 July - imprint asphalt to the parking bay areas
  • Implementation of parking signs and lines - to be confirmed
  • Stage 3 Safety Audit - to be arranged